About Us

Bizbaz offers financial intelligence solutions to financial institutions, fintechs and e-commerce companies in Asia, including comprehensive consumer and SME profiling and pre-scoring solutions, which enable them to engage the unbanked and underserved populations and organisations in Asia.

Our Mission

To provide intelligent financial solutions enabling acquisition and retention of unbanked and underserved customers in Asia

Our Vision

By leveraging the latest insights from Behavioural Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, we offer Asian institutions comprehensive and reliable financial infrastructure and intelligence. We empower them to offer bespoke financial products and services to millions of Asian consumers who have been left out of Asian Economies until now.

Our Team

Hayk Hakobyan


A serial entrepreneur, holds a PhD in nuclear physics, experienced with fintech, behavioral sciences and AI

Gilad Soffer


A serial entrepreneur, holds an Engineering degree from Technion, experienced software manager and AI expert​

Vincent Choy


Has businesses in 7 countries​

Yayoi Kamimura

Head of Investment

30 years of investment business experience ​

Onkar Swami

Analytics Partner

Credit scoring and analytics guru

Paul Redbourn

Senior Advisor

Mir Rashedul Hossain

Senior Advisor

Serial entrepreneur in Southeast Asia