We provide the next generation of credit scoring and risk assessment

for financial institutions and businesses

More than 460M people in Southeast Asia are unbanked.

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Helping our clients to

Acquire new unbanked and unserved customers

Use comprehensive data, such as financials, health, lifestyle and social, to onboard new banking and insurance customers.

bad debt

Apply for both new customers (individual/SME) and SMEs to enrich existing customer profiles, reduce risk and reduce costs associated with risk.

Generate revenues by upselling
new financial products

Use 360-degree customer profiles to offer additional financial products to existing customers.

High-impact benefits
for organisations

Reduce your financial product application time by

1 x

Up to

1 %

of risk reduced

Acquire up to

1 %

of unbanked population of your country

Generate up to

1 x

more revenues

We provide full risk assessment of
individuals and businesses

Individual Risk

Individual risk is a comprehensive risk assessment solution (customer profiling, scoring) that enables financial institutions and technology firms in Asia to acquire and understand present and future behaviours of their customers.


Customer electronic identification and verification of the identity with high levels of safety and reliability and following the rules set in AML5 or eIDAS regulations.

Business Risk

Business risk is comprehensive risk profiling, assessment and evaluation technology enabling financial institutions and technology firms to acquire and work with SMEs in Asia.

AI-powered Recommenders

Intelligent recommenders for financial products, are AI -powered recommender engines of financial products (loan, insurance, credit card, savings) for financial customers.